Plain-English Terms of Service

We last updated this policy January 14, 2017.

Welcome to T-Boss! Here on the left you'll find our plain-english terms of service and the corresponding legal terms of service on the right.

Please review our terms, you must agree to them in order to use T-Boss. If you are using T-Boss on behalf of your business, make sure you are allowed to agree to our terms of service.

We may change our terms of service from time to time. If we do, we will post a note on our website or email you.

User Account Registration; Passwords and Fees

You will need to sign up for an account to use T-Boss. Keep your password safe and let us know if you detect any unusual behavior on your account immediately. You also must be at least 18 (or have your parent's permission) to use T-Boss.

You may upgrade, downgrade or cancel your use of the Service at any time, but we do not provide prorate refunds or adjustments. To cancel your User Account, you must do so on our website settings page.

Site Content

Unless otherwise noted, information published on this site are copyrighted works of T-Boss.

Third party information, such as data accessed through a service on T-Boss, is subject to the copyrights of those third party systems.

You can copy information on this site for your own personal use. Please do not infringe the copyrights of others using T-Boss or your account may be deleted.

Your Use of the Site and Service

To use T-Boss, you must agree you won't use T-Boss to break any local laws. You can't republish or resell T-Boss. Please do not hack us (seriously, if you find a security problem, let us know).

You can use T-Boss but that doesn't mean you can copy or redistribute our intellectual property (like our trademarks, name, logo, source code, etc). Again, you have to follow your local laws when using T-Boss.

T-Boss has a lot of user-submitted content (like our support forums, developer platform, and templates). By uploading content to T-Boss, you are effectively transfering ownership of that content to us. We may moderate this content or remove it at our discretion. Sometimes we will access your content in order to provide support or technical assistance.

Please note that T-Boss does not receive any rights in any information or data from your accounts with third party services (i.e., Gmail or Dropbox) that is passed through or is processed by T-Boss, unless you choose to make it publically available on T-Boss.

Backup your content! We do our absolute best to ensure against data loss but we can't guarantee against it. It is always a good practice to regularly backup your data, regardless of whether you use T-Boss. We encrypt everything where possible, but there may be times when data is communicated insecurely (for example email or an unencrypted API we work with).

Our terms of service are effectively a contract between you and T-Boss so make sure you read them.

We feature partners and reviews on our website. We will ask your permission before using your name or photo. We normally contact people via email to obtain their permission.

Linked Websites

T-Boss links to a lot of third party sites with their own terms of service which are distinct and different from our own.


We specifically limit our liability if something goes wrong.

Location of the Site and your Use

T-Boss may operate servers across the world and they are controlled from offices in the United States. You are responsible for compliance with any local laws that may affect you, geographically speaking.


These terms of service are final. Disputes are handled in Sacramento, California.